Internet Fulfillment

How Does It Works?

Your company has an on-line store where you would like to sell designer brand fragrances and beauty products. We have a distribution center and inventory of thousands of designer brand name fragrance and beauty products. Why not feature our items on your website and allow us to ship them on your behalf? It sounds simple and it is. You don't need to invest money in inventory or hire a warehouse staff. Let Sheralven do it for you. Unlike our competitors, we're not an e-tailer, we are a distribution company, so we have no vested interest in your end users, only their complete satisfaction. Please call or email us for more information.

10 Easy steps to understanding how our internet fulfillment process works?

  • Do not buy anything until ordered by your customer
  • Sheralven provides complete descriptions and digital images of thousands of fragrances and beauty products for your e-commerce site
  • Create a complete fragrance and beauty e-commerce shopping destination using our information and inventory
  • Receive fragrance and beauty orders from your customers.
  • Collect money instantly via credit card and have net terms.
  • Forward your daily order log to Sheralven
  • Sheralven picks and packs your customers orders on a daily basis
  • The Package will have your company name on the shipping label. To give the impression that it was shipped from your location.
  • Sheralven ships your orders either UPS or FedEx
  • Sheralven will provide a daily tracking number and recap of each shipment
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